Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nilai Oldtown

We leave in Subang which is in the state of Selangor but we did our shopping in Nilai which is located in the state of Negeri Sembilan. On top of that, we chose the old town of Nilai instead of its new town to shop. Heck, it resulted to a more hassle free, less crowded and fuss free shopping and we get to park our car in front of the shop itself. We heard, on the same day, Kuala Lumpur city centre was so congested with people flocking from nearby satellite cities.We do the opposite and we complete our task in just an hour. :)

Nilai old town is quite vibrant, with 2 rows of old colonial buildings facing opposite each other along the main street. In the morning, it was so lively with locals doing their own shopping. I don't think they're many like me doing basic shopping all the way in the suburb but the quality of the goods are still the same, but we just have to sacrifices the glamour side to shopping, other than day, nothing so odd about it. So,you are most welcome to experience the old town of Nilai on your own. Owh, if you come here in the evening,  there's a stall at one of the corner of the shop lots selling scrumptious delicacies, local kueh that taste so good. Too bad we couldn't make it this evening.