Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'strolling' under the heat..

I was so dreaded to go. This sort of itinerary was something that I was hoping  to make away with it during Ramadhan, but somehow as a project consultant, every wish that came from the client shall be address diligently..So leaving Subang around 10 minutes to 7, I managed to reach my project site in Kuantan around 930am and it was already showing 28 degree Celsius.

We had a briefing session first and an hour after that, we started my worse nightmare of the day, 'strolling under the heat', inspecting one completed building by another and there is 16 blocks altogether!! By the time it ends, the time is showing 30 minutes after 2 and it's already reaching 35 degree Celcius!! oh'la'la!! And at this moment,nothing could make me feels better other than a dip into a cold tub filled with bubble bath  and a huge bottle of iced-cold gatorade!! BUT i'm fasting, remember?!! *doink*