Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ramadhan Bazaar

It's been long while since the last time I step foot at any of those Bazaar which seems to spruce up like a mushroom after rainy days, hence every Ramadhan. Browsing through stalls after stalls with an empty stomach is not a healthy thing to do-you'd tend to drool at every bits of food that're on display, and those smells..OMG! Well, that's one of other reason that I prefer not to go to any of those Bazaar. Another main reason is mainly due to the fact that most of the time we may bought those food out of cautious and it may turn to be such a waste of monet due to the quality of taste that certain food turn out to be, which leave me with big question mark of 'why such dummy at kitchen would dream to sell such lousy food?'
So, there I was taking a stroll, a few feet away from rows of stalls, taking a peek from the sides of my hubby's shoulder, not willing to be 'cheated into buying' by simply looking at the presentation of the food. Well, I let the children do the selection!!  ;)