Monday, August 15, 2011

SYABAS:It doesn't fit the translation

In Malay, if somebody says 'syabas' to you, it definitely means 'congratulation' but when a company use such idiom for its name and it doesn't reflect the actual literal meaning of it, well what else could be said! And here goes my two-cents opinion on a company that monopoly the water supply in Selangor after having to face their officers for a development project that I'm working on behalf of my firm.

On top of all, as a first-timer searching for their location seems to be a daunting task, for instance there ain't any initial signage that could lead me to the building which i think everybody only knows as Plaza Pantai. I believe, I would still acknowledgde the brown color building next to Telekom Menara Rebung as Plaza Pantai and not as Wisma Goshen or any other names that were given to each of the block. Secondly, identifying the location is such a gruelling task given the fact that the given place of meeting was Level 2 and there's none whatsoever of No. 2 inside the numerical list of the lift. Ain't it better to acknowledge it as a 'mezzanine floor' as level 2 only appears for people with the company's compound and not any outsiders. Thirdly, their management should seriously consider an improvisation onto their workstations layout or t rather their working layout which seems to be at such haphazard manner if we are talking about proper design layout! Also, I find the signage for the building's basement parking as confusing and being charged a flat rate of RM6 per entry seems to be humongous!! the meeting lasted for an hour, of course it took me an additional 20minutes in search for the actual location of the meeting room!

Am seriously in deep pity for their staff for having to working in such 'cramp and congested' office and the whole ambience was similar to a gov office of the 80' cant blame them much for not having much spirit to work.shame on the top management of syabas!!and syabas for the staff who remain working and trying to give their best. Of course, some of their policies sucks!!