Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nilai 3 during Ramadhan

I was asked to drive and accompany my sis-in-law to Nilai 3. As I always wonder what-on-earth does people find it as attractive enough to go there and shop, again this time around I also wonder what does flock of people doing there. I knew my SIL had a specific cookie jar to look for in order to complete her pre-order cookies, but it cant be the same with most of these people, can it? And eventhough you drive around a few blocks that there are there, each rows would comprises of similar merchandise; there're always shops selling carpets-variations of it, there're also shop selling artificial flowers and its pots and baskets and there are mainly shops that sell clothes, yards of fabrics, hijab and etc. I have this perceptual disorders looking at those vast selections of the same materials again and again..And i'm glad i'm just acting as driver not being part of the crowd!