Friday, June 13, 2014

Kuantan River Cruise

It's Kuantan River which runs along city of Kuantan and separating the Tanjong Api and the opposite Tanjong Lumpur. I always thought it as Sungai Pahang (it's embarassing to realized that I wasn't all polished on the geography bits of Malaysian let alone Pahang).
Anyway, I'm getting all excited to get on the Cruise of Sungai Kuantan. The cruise was suspended when the Kuantan Waterfront was being refurbished, so now that it is completed, the Cruise is now back in operation. However, it is very regretfully to notice that the Cruise was not being promoted or marketed efficiently. Unlike those cruises that I've been on while being in Europe, where signages were readily available and easily lead lead public to the dock/jetty, the Kuantan Cruise however, were lack of that. It was  only due to my all-will aspiration to get on the cruise-by hook or by-crook-means that seriously lead me to it or else I would have given it up. The jetty was called Jetty Syahbandar and located in close distance to the Kuantan Municipal building.

But the cruise was fun and interesting and informative. So, give it a try, peeps!!