Friday, June 6, 2014

National Museum Kuala Lumpur

A visit to Museum Negara. What should you expect of a museum?! Personally, I enjoy each of my visit to any museums as I believe in practicality. Getting yourself immersed in all those 'live information' that were put to display is much more fun for us to learn something new rather than having to read it through your history text books.
However, I do have some tiny bit of reservation with museums, generally in Malaysia: (1)most museum were not dust-off diligently, maybe they did their routine maintenance but perhaps they have to reconsider the intervals. Dust, tiny bit of dust and old accumulated dust gives me some sort of skin allergic. I always end up having a swollen-itchy fingers in the middle of each visits. (2)the management seems does not being bothered at all with the quality of air circulating within the museums. Airconditioning were mostly not functioning at its best. (3)the quality of display- which seems it were placed at each cubicle 'to rot away'. I hardly sees each item being 'maintained' after it was left in those glass compartment.
(4).please don't give away the entrance for free. Nothing comes free of current state of living, so charge the visitors appropriately.