Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grey virtue: when boredom strike

When grey rules!! Grey is always associated with dullness or boredom-ness. Why is that so? Why grey, and not other colors?! Perhaps the easiest explanation would be because grey is derived from a mixture of Black and White. Black and white is always associated with yes or no, ying and yang, dark or light, beauty or the beast, so when it become grey, it turn out to be something undecided, or something that we just play-safe to go by, or something that either here or neither there. So, when you feeling a bit gloom, it's not that you are totally in the dark about something, it's just that you're in such transition of not knowing what exactly to do, or where exactly should you pick the brain to start the thinking or what should the actual feeling be.
But, still GREY always play a great part in our life. There's always a grey moment fr time to time. So, love it as it is. I do. And so, we could move on! Cheers.
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