Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ulu Bernam R&R

My family and I would travel via North-South Hiway on a monthly basis to visit my parents in Ipoh. It usually takes us not more than 2 hours on ordinary weekends, less, if we pushed the speed a little bit more than the allowable 110kmph.. tsk tsk..

We usually don't make any 'pit stop' along the hiway, even though we are aware that the facilities and even the food being offered at those R&R would be of a better standard compare to East-West Hiway. I can't exactly recalled the last time I make a stopped in Ulu Bernam R&R and I guess it must have been years ago. Therefore, when such opportunity arrive for me to make this stop, as I kind of worn-out from driving all-day  and the site visit in Lumut some 300km away, it gives me such a surprise to experience a better condition of the R&R compare to the way I remember it. The whole premise has been refurbished to gives a better ambiance, and it is now been better-maintain and the humidity inside is at its comfortable rate. Choice of food is aplenty at reasonable price with a good portion.

So, if you are doing Southbound and should you feel like taking a rest from all those driving, do consider making a stop here and enjoy your cuppa with the famous Yik Mun Pau.


one of the washbasin area

comfortable sitting

wanton noodle with soy sauce (wantan mi kicap)