Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rojak Manjung

Rojak Manjung is very popular afternoon snack in Sitiawan/Sri Manjung. as the names implies, rojak means 'mixing various items together'. The rojak serves here is an elaborate version of Rojak Pasembor (the mamak version) and almost similar to Rojak Singapore where you have more mix of ingredients like fried tofu, cucur (prawn fritters), squid, crab, julienne cucumber, boiled potatoes, hard boiled eggs and fish cakes serves with spicy peanut sauce, a slightly different version of peanut sauce from those that were serve with satay.

It tastes good, I mean the gravy tastes good, with a good dose of spiciness and that's the key to 'rojak'. If the gravy failed to get the approval from majority taste buds, it would only means 'disaster', but that's not the case for Rojak Manjung. For instance, the rojak was all gone when I reach the stall around 5pm that day, which means it has become favorable among majority taste buds. Plus with all the review that I've gathered from the web, I think this rojak is in 'class of its own'.

Located on the Ground Level of D'MARA Plaza Sitiawan along the main road leading to Lumut. You could read more from Foodstreet, or the Ipoh's boy or from its own facebook page