Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ipoh UTC

I recently spotted some changes to the facade of currently the Central Market of Ipoh which used to housed the mainstream shopping mall of Ipoh, the 'Super Kinta' back in the 80's. I was informed by my mother that it is currently occupied by UTC. Woww, am so behind the 'general information' of things happening around me, did I really live in a city equipped with the net and latest communication technologies or was I just been living inside 'my own cave of comfort'

UTC Ipoh has started its operation on the first week of January 2013. From its website, UTC  is the abbreviation term used for Urban Transformation Centre. It is created as one of the efforts and initiatives by current Government to provide a range of key services to the Government or the private sector in the City community as a one-stop centre within a building. In general, it is aimed to facilitate the community whereby the City folk can save time during their daytime whereby the centre remain open after ordinary office hours. SO, we hope for the best!

from Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar

from Jalan Laksamana