Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gulam Mee: Spot to hang-out

An adult, but I'm still bound to curfews. One of it, is that I have to be home before 12 midnight (or my car would turn back to pumpkin ?! haha) Anyway, I have nothing against such rules after all it's for good than harm. So, when I have like 2 more hours to go before the curfew starts and I need to meet a colleague for an important discussion (well, it is SO excited the news that we can't wait till tomorrow), this joint is the place I have in mind based on these criteria:

1. It's just 10 minutes  drive from home
2. It's a vibrant place, well light-up, with ample seating and loads of people (it's not quiet with dim-light and just a couple of patrons that is)
3. It won't close-down on us while we are still in discussion  ( It'd still remain open even after 12 but not that I exactly know when they close, never got the chance to stay beyond that, remember)
4. It has varieties of food and drinks and most of important of all
5. As an extra bonus points; it happen to be right in between of where my colleague that I'm meeting up and myself lives.

So, should you also looking for such place to hang-out, chose Gulam Mee in Kota Damansara.