Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Curry Noodle in Bidor

I was on my working trip to Lumut from Kuala Lumpur. The first half of my journey was through North-South Expressway where I have to exit Bidor in order to continue for the next half of the journey. I did not chose the coastal Kuala Selangor road eventhough *Wazy's given advice that it would be the shortest route as I find the road is too rough if you need to speed. Anyway, right after I exited the Bidor toll, after taking my right turn heading towards the town of Bidor, I immediately noticed that there're lots of cars laying-by on both sides of the road and there's this particular stall was quite crowded with people. I remember that it was a similar setting as my previous trip. Which resulted to the instant decision of making a stop and hurry off to the stall-Mee Kari Ramli. 

The stall basically serving a variety of noodle-based dishes and the top-selling one would be the curry noodle or 'mee kari' (as shown in pics). Having a bowl of it, all that I could say. "you should give it a try!". A very good blend of the spices, good portion of garnished-the fishballs, been sprout etc but it may be a bit too spicy for those who are not really into spicy food (but there's always the clear-soup version for you to choose from), but as a whole, IT IS a good one.  ;)