Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inexperienced organizer or unsupportive facilities

The Venue: kompleks rakan muda (national youth complex), klang
The Event: taekwando competition for children age 7 to 15

Comments so far:
1. Insufficient parking space.
2. insufficient space for spectators mostly parents and family
Verdict:Should the organizer think in advance perhaps, they could advice school to arrange for transportation and send early reminder that parents/family should not attend. BUT what's a sport without spectators?

Dire state of the complex due to lacking of maintenance which clearly witnessed by these faulty services/facilities:
1. Most of the toilet is not functional and no cleaner were available to take care of the mass consumption for the event
2. Walkways are broken/detached from its foundation/building
3. Floors/walls are indicative of no periodic maintenance
4. Cafetaria without sufficient chairs/tables

I'm damn bored!!and pissed off..