Friday, October 7, 2011


the view from Langkawi Jetty

the Island of Langkawi upon arrival that particular day

We haven't actually planned to go to Langkawi, one of the most popular vacation island in Malaysia. It's just that we happened to bump into the opportunity to pay a short visit just because we are already scattering around Kuala Perlis. Well, 8hrs tour is not something that you would want to do in Langkawi, you need more than that to explore each nooks that there is over there, but we consider the trip as a pre-introduction to the children so that they are aware of the existence of Langkawi.

So, it cost us RM18 for each adult for single-way ferry ride from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi, whereas the children were fare at RM12 (not so much difference there) and it cost us RM10 for a daily parking where we park our car at the Kuala Perlis, nearby the ferry terminal and another RM60 for rented car in Langkawi, a basic sedan that is. We managed to visit the Gallery Perdana only and spent like an hour there before we head for a tour around the island (the road actually loops around the island). There are quite number of changes compare to 10 years ago but it is still beautiful island. The weather was kind of stormy-windy, so we spent much of the time sight-seeing from inside the car. But as I said, this trip is just a preintroduction to what Langkawi can offer. We are sure be making a comeback and next time around it surely gonna be more than 8hrs, that I can promise the children.  :)