Monday, October 3, 2011

Citta or cheeta?

Personally, I would say, naming CITTA to a commercial complex ain't commercial at all. It sounds like 'cheeta' the chimpanzee in Tarzan epic or cheetah of the lion family. This place doesn't look much of a NEW commercial/shopping complex but more like an abandon building being turn into a commercial complex with very limited budget on hand. It ain't at no par with TimesSquare or the trendy Pavillion and it didn't come any close to the 'old' Subang Parade which still looks more lively than this place. So, all the best!

Oh, for the locals if you wish to know where's this place: it's located on your right if you are coming from Federal Highway's direction heading towards the Subang Skypark (you need to make a u-turn at the Saujana Resort's junction) and if you are coming from Subang Skypark's it would be on your left which basically opposite the Sime Darby Gallery. You could also access it from Ara Damansara!