Friday, December 12, 2014

Paddy Museum Alor Star - non handicap friendly

The noble intention is highly commendable - to exhibit and showcase, what, how, where, when, which, who and etc relating to paddy the crops. 
The exterior design of the Museum is an interesting piece of architecture without doubt.

However, it is very unfortunate that such building designed for PUBLIC were not equipped and DOES NOT cater for handicap, or not even older folks. For instance;

1. The main entrance staircase is some 20 steps up. No handicap ramp is available within  immediate view, let alone a handicap automatic stair-lift
2. It's main attraction was the 360 mural painting, which is some 2-storey up (59 steps altogether) via  centrally located spiral staircase. Again, there aren't any handicap facility were seen. I did noticed a lift outside the spiral staircase area but none were seen on the observation deck for the mural.
3. The staircase(s), all of it were not designed with children's handrail and of course there aren't any handicap stairs-lift available
4. the Washroom facilities is some 200 meter away, when I say away, it is actually away from the main building where you have to actually exit the building and again there aren't any handicap facilities available.

So, it seems that the museum were only meant for 'young and healthy'.  :(

The Museum (credit to Kedah State Museum Archive)

the amazing 360 mural inside the Museum

example of very bad access for handicap