Thursday, December 11, 2014

Alor Star - Long Due Tour

I was born in Alor Star, and it is still my mom's hometown but we hardly ever had 'a tour around Alor Star' other than the infamous Pekan Rabu everytime we went back for a visit. So, to wrap-up my 'complete coverage of Peninsular Malaysia', together with my parents and brother, we decided to have dedicated tour around Alor Star's most interesting places that we could cover in 2 days. We basically covered these interesting places: 
1. Balai Besar & Muzium Diraja ( The Great Hall & The Royale Museum)
2. We did not make it to State Gallery as it was closed at 330pm on Thursday, and closed on Friday and Saturday
3. Alor Star Tower
4. Former Residence of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, our 4th Prime Minister
5. Paddy Museum
6. Lake Beris Vineyard (okay, this particular location is 90km away from Alor Star city centre)

The Royale Museum

The Great Hall (Balai Besar)

Former Residence of Tun Dr Mahathir
Alor Star Tower

The Mural inside Paddy Museum