Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It is so called 'the first day of new year'

Here comes again another beginning of a new year, this time around people around the globe is welcoming the New Year of 2014 from the Gregorian Calendar. Not long ago the Muslim has welcomed another Hijrh and in few weeks to come, the Chinese would be celebrating their New Year as well.

To me, it's  just another day that would add more numbers to existing numbers, hopefully, it would be able to adds-up more memories to the existing ones, piling up more wisdom to the existing knowledge..and hopefully also, it would broaden-up the existing perspectives to such beautiful and lush of life ahead..and it would also adds-on more numbers to everything else other than ones age..and most of all, I dearly hope, we would be living in a better world, till the last drop of our breathe. Ameen