Friday, January 17, 2014

Another birthday, another wish..

Another year, another birthday..
I think I should be feeling a whole lot more blessed and thankful with the happiness that I currently have. I may not have a whole lot of cash that were thought could ease in more happiness, but if I were really look deep into the life that I have now, I think I almost had it all; I still had my parents to spent another birthday with them, I have my darling hubby as my backbone, I have my lovely children together with me, healthily, I have a place I can call with all that, shouldn't I be asking for more? Not. But of course..we should always have some 'greed' to achieve something far better than what we currently had..and with that, I'm really wishing and praying hard that my 'wish', a very particular one..or two, would come to materialized, should it not be this year, perhaps in another year or two!