Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life without a mobile phone!

Mobile phone or hand phone or smart phone etc whichever names that they're known as depending on your locality. Do you ever imagine your life without it? (Providing you did have one, which surely you ARE, if you are now reading my blog ;p

Well, am currently started to imagining such 'casuality'. Afterall, it just a mere 15minutes ago that I was behaving almost like a mother-hen-has-lost-its-chicks, running here and there trying to figure out what should be done in a mere seconds. You see, I have luckily but carelessly left my iPhone IN my car, which being driven away by my husband upon sending me off at tren station. I would not jiggle so much if I were going to be static at the office or at home, of which the phone would be idling most of those times at those places, but having to run-around, with city excursion as the day itinerary is not something that I would be able to imagine calmly of my life without my mobile phone.

Kudos, to a darling girl whom out of nowhere were kind enough to lend me her phone for an emergency call to get my mobile 'coming back' to me. (However, it was unfortunate that I can't be much help to her; I have no clue at that particular moment of the place that she were trying to get to or which transportation-mode she should use, which left me feeling very sorry)

Public phone? That's the least on my mind at that time.