Saturday, November 30, 2013

Roadrunner's weekend itinerary

A 'nasi kerabu' serves with freshly grilled beef slice at Ulam Desa Kota Damasara, followed by a toast with beef omelet spread serves and a sinful combination of sunny side up egg and mayo, accompany with hot coffee (not the freshly brew though). All that for breakfast. It should be sufficient for a day long itinerary.
Arrived at Aeon Bandar Utama, a tad too early, all in eagerness to look for ingredients of the long-awaited 'takoyaki' a Japanese snack food similar of fish-balls dumpling, but taste a whole lot better than those balls. Browsing through those racks and shelves of the 'japanese-goods-alley' is a challenge! 
Next, we hit for Klang to find a set of new tyres for our lion. Why Klang rather than our own neighbourhood service centre? Simply because we are taking about 30-40% saving!
By the time the lion were all equipped to roar again, our tummy has started churching for an urgent grab of food. By the time we are about to have our lunch which is almost 3pm that day, I just realized that I have a birthday party to attend. We then rush to Putrajaya.