Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm feeling like an iPhone!

I have not been able to spend my time to jot, or rather to 'key-in' my journals, lately. Thoughts are aplenty, but that's that..Been going through various dramatic mode of life, with various peak of stress and lumps of de-stressed..but those remains as just that. Been doing quite a lot of running-around as well..and those mileage of travels has just remains as just that!! By the end of each day, each days of the past few months that is, I was basically being left with a tiny balance of energy that would only suffice for me to 'wind-down' and get recharged, as I would need to be fully recharged comes each day of tomorrow. And there are days that I'm 'blinking red' of needing to recharge due to 'frequent usage of energy'

I'm seriously feeling like an iPhone!