Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nasi Lemak Opah USJ9

New found eatery in USJ9 Subang Jaya. I was recommended to this cafe which serves piping hot aromatic 'nasi lemak' , wrapped in banana leaves, just for RM1.00 for each pack. Warning! the que could be long so you should be prepare to get into the lines, and depending on the order of people in front of you, it may or it may not takes awhile to get to the 'collection station'. Over here, you get yourselves in front of the 'collection station' where the freshly packed nasi lemak were placed on the counter for you to pick based on the required number your tummy wish to savour. I usually takes two at one go. The next step would be optional, either you wish to add certain side dishes of your liking (as seen in these big pots; from sambal sotong, sambal udang petai, rendang ayam, ayam goreng, etc etc..believe me the list goes on..) or you can move direct to the cashier, pay your nasi lemak and then go and look for a spot for you to dig into your nasi lemak. Droool!!