Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What do we call a gathering of Architects?

It is interesting to come across this particular article by Archdaily. All this while, when we learn our grammar or vocab at school we are sure to come across a particular lesson on 'what do we call a group of birds? or what does a gathering of sheep known as?" and there we know that it will be term as  'a flock of birds' and 'a herd of sheep' for the latter. (Oh, you could get to know more on what other animals or people were called when they're in groups by visiting Oxford Dictionaries or Northern Frairie Wildlife Research Centre or you could read from James Lipton's book entitled "An Exaltation of Larks" 2nd edition (Penguin Books 1977). Birders interested in avian nomenclature should see Bruce Campbell and Elizabeth Lack's "A Dictionary of Birds" (Buteo Books 1985).

But, it was the question on 'what do we call a collection of Architects?' that bring out the interest in me for this particular topic. I have never thought of such term, therefore it is an interesting topic to linger with..there seems to be lots of suggestion to go with and I'm not sure which would be a suitable term..  :)

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