Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Architecture School Guide

While on my morning reads, I've come across a particular article on 'Architecture School Guide' which cited as follows, and being somebody who's 'been there, done that', I think IT IS A FACT, practically especially on  the fact that there's no single factor that could actually labelled any particular school as good or bad.

"What makes a good architecture school? Clearly there is no single factor that comprises a good, or even a great, architecture school. Different aspects are important to different people.One key element to a good school, no matter what type, is whether and how it teaches critical thinking skills. That’s because critical thinking will help you become more professionally agile and give you more options, especially when, not if, the global economy dips again. It also gives you the ability to assess whether a design is good or not: what makes it good and how can you replicate that process successfully. In short, critical thinking allows you to evaluate design, as well as your overall professional trajectory not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but culturally, ecologically, historically, and most important, practically."