Saturday, July 16, 2011

Enjoying the Liverpool Fever, Malaysian Style!

Liverpool fever is IN ! Of course both my hubb and son were affected which started when they get their tickets and then the search for the Liverpool's jersey/tshirts...

On the match day, I didn't expect the traffic would start to crawl immediately after the Awan Besar Toll Booth heading to Bukit Jalil Stadium. We were 'crawling' for almost half an hour for such short 200meter distance and when we reach the junction to the stadium where the traffic officer has already blocked the entrance as the congestion has gotten so overwhelmed and people has started parking their cars by the road side. So, I let them off at the junction for them to enjoy their 'fever'!!

traffic is crawling immediately after the toll booth

people started walking to the stadium as traffic has been stand-still..

And the match turn out awesome, that's what I heard, eventhough we lost 6-3 to Liverpool, but our local team played well and give a good fight!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

cropping of the momentos showing sea of reds!

...and suddenly he's a LFC overnight!