Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day out - driving through Ipoh

We gonna had a busy day today as everybody seems to have things to do and places to go. So, on my side I'll be 'running' around Ipoh with my mom to get most of the errands attending the wedding reception, fitting the dress at the tailor, buying some supplies, and taking the kids for 'abc' treat..hehe

oh, my brother and hubb would be attending another wedding reception all the way at a place called Chenderong Balai near by Teluk Intan..and my dad would be attending some other function at our neighbourhood, a real busy day for us..

enjoying meals at wedding reception..yummy..

DNS - where we get our supplies of pukkora, murruku, peanuts and such all year round

Ipoh Central Station for intercity bus - has been in that state ever since..i can remember
waiting on ABC treat..

if Klang Valley was so famous for Sate Kajang, Ipoh also has Sate Endut!!

traffic in Ipoh - not bad!

the symbolic water fountain in front of Chief Minister residence..we can actually count how many times in a year it really function

the beginning of Jalan Tambun stretch..