Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Life of an Architect-first quarter of 2016

On average, 2 out-of office meetings each week, 2 outstation trips fortnightly with at least 1 stay-over, and there are design sketches then comes design reports, minutes, project documentations, presentations, details drawings, work programmes..and it is not only referring to 1 project only but multiple of it. Current project, new proposals, previous proposals, tender and more reports.

I hardly use much CAD or Revit nowadays and most of the time it was limited to zooming-in and zooming out or checking the dimensions.

At my level, it's all about strategising, coordinating and management. The only pure architecture bits that left with me are sketches.

And I have been neglecting my blog, my other journal..and most of all, my ownself.