Friday, October 24, 2014

#flyinghigh WAYS to improve for MAS

My two cents opinion of my recent #flyinghigh moment with MAS for KUL-MEL, which I really looking forward for improvement.

1.When we talk about "visual appeal of the meal", it's not so much on the presentation of the meal because we know the limitation of 'serving food on air' however, it ACTUALLY refers to how exactly the ingredients appeared-as, for example, broccoli should look 'fresh green' instead off 'overcooked green' or the carrot should remain crunchy even though it is broiled. I used to remember that meals were served with 'clear segmentation' of ingredients, for example if you have rice, fish and vege, the visual arrangement should always side by side of each other and NOT on-top-of-each-other. 

2.Timing of meal served.
I would appreciate if MAS could priorities children among their first to be serve. They're simply too excited waiting to be served and the wait is like FOREVER. 

Also, please provide more 'snacks' for the children, I mean 'A SMALL packet of biscuits for entire 8hrs of flight is way to 'stingy'. Pamper these children, because they could be one of the factor that their parents keep coming back for MAS.

There is a lot of travel program nowadays and it never run outdated, MAS should permanently have those program on board. If it is too huge of a file perhaps, you could always have 'travel program' about Malaysia and just the destination the flight flying to each time.

Personal attentiveness would be good, for example when we were queuing up to use the lavatory, the flight attendant could try to have small-friendly-talk, like asking 'how are you? where are you from? how's the flight goes so far? instead of just brushing-us-off to get through to their pantry and immediately SHUT us off with the curtain. A polite 'pardon me, I need to pull the curtain to carry on with work' is deem acceptable.