Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pensione Sydney

We love Pensione-Sydney ! We love the fact that it is just 5 minutes away from Paddy's Market and a few minutes away as well from Darling Harbour or the Harbourside or Cockle Bay Wharf.

We love the intricate architecture that it has and the fact that it is well maintain. Maintaining an old building and furthermore to have it as a hotel is not an easy task but Pensione did it well. Of course nothing fancy about this building or this hotel, but since we are touring around Sydney during the day, just having a good decent place to unwind after a long day out is definitely to die-for. But hey, their lift car comes in odd-trapezoid shape, which we believe as an attempt to suit the existing spaces of an old building, but it works well and children loves the shape of it.

Our family room is decent in size and comfortably fit all 5 of us. And even though our room is facing George Street, we hardly heard any traffic noise nor that any noise from the club downstairs. The hotel is basically so comfortably quite. The bathroom is comfortably good in size with a modern twist to it. 

Pensione also has the basic facilities like Guest Lounge where you could sit and relax while having your meal. It also has a centralised kitchenette facilities where you can cook or heat up your meal. There'is also the coin-operated washing machine and dryer. But mind you, it is not anywhere near their reception and you got to be able to read the signages to be able to reach this particular nooks, which actually gives such excitement for us 'track-it down'. Of course you can always, get attentive direction from their front office.

Our initial booking was for 4 nights before we head of to Canberra-Melbourne, but we decided to add-on for another day to enable us to explore Sydney more. Great family vacation. Great place to hang-out. Would love to come back to Pensione Sydney.

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