Friday, August 8, 2014

Roadrunner on the move again

It's another long-distance day-trip journey for me. To some people, I'm such a 'super-woman', something that I never thought I was or are!! It just so happened that KL-Kuantan is one of those destinations that I have to frequent to, not that Kuantan has so much to offer but my job gets me there. It seems that we are getting more proposals to be execute rather than in Klang Valley. And so be it!

Am actually doing KL-Pekan today. This time I chose to use the Kuantan-Pekan link rather than tapping into Gambang-Pekan upon exiting the Gambang exit of East Coast hiway. It's a dual-carriageway for both ways, which gives more comfort to the driving rather than the stressfull single carriageway of Gambang-Pekan state road.