Monday, April 7, 2014

A day in Architect's life

Main agenda of the day was a Coordination Meeting in Lumut, some 300km away from starting-point of the journey, be it my residence or the office.
Additional to that, I was assigned with a couple of stops; one, to meet up with a representative of a potential-client-to-be and two, to collect documents from the branch-office, of which both would be in Ipoh city centre some 10km of distance from each locations.
On top of that, I would also need to fetch my fellow engineer in Rawang just so we could car-pool to the location of main agenda for the day, of course Rawang is located within the path of the main route, so should not be much to complain of rather than I have to take a slight detour into the Rawang exit and not to mention the time that I have to allow-waiting for my fellow engineer to arrive at the meeting-point.
And for this particular day, it's a mother's instinct of calling that I have to entertain my child request to get him to reach school earlier rather his usual bus-ride. Of course he IS early and aren't you pleased that your child wish to be part of school activity as eager as that and you don't give a second thought to whatever delay it may be to your so called 'planned-schedule'.

Of course, I still have the car, and I still could speed at certain point of the hiway, so ...
*to be continue..