Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fuller Alor Star

I'm guessing from the appearance of this establishment, it's a new hotel and perhaps a new kid on the block when it comes to hotel management and hotel set-up.Why? Simply because if I were to compare with a few of the established names like, Vistana or Best-Western, Fuller Hotel  still have a few traits that were not being fully captured as a basic 3 star establishment, for example they do not have any connecting rooms, they do not have any mini-fridge within each rooms, there do not segregate between non-smoking and smoking patrons, they do not have any personnel that attentive enough for handicapped patrons. Perhaps comparing them to Vistana or Best-Western might be a huge comparison to cater to, but comparing them to bigger names like Meridien or Hilton would not be fair at all. Perhaps if I were to exactly compare apple to apple, it would be best to compare Fuller with Sentral Kuantan, where at similar range of RM90 per standard room per night, it has all the traits that I have mentioned above.

However, the rooms, both Standard and Family have decent interior and in good condition without any smelly pillow or blankets. The toilets are clean but not super clean, mind you that when it comes to hotels I'd be more articulate on the quality of its cleanliness. Given that fact, I have predictions that the management would be facing a maintenance nightmare in near future should they were not emphasising on quality of cleaning.

I'm a bit frustrated when it comes to treatment to handicapped. Fuller's personnel were not attentive enough, whereby I have a bit difficulties in manoeuvring my wheel-chaired grandmother as the handicapped parking were already taken. Perhaps it would be best for the main frontage of the hotel to be left vacant instead of allowing it for a handicapped parking since the hotel doesn't have any proper drop off. It that sense, any handicapped patrons would be able to use the space for drop off. It would be such daunting task, should our arrival were being accompany with Malaysian rainstorm, as we have to load off the wheel chair right within the circulation road.

Would I stay at the hotel, again? I would rather not, should the visit is together with my family. I might give it a second thought, should the other hotel in Alor Star were fully booked, but I would dearly hope not. It's not that, Fuller is THAT bad, but it doesn't have anything else to brag about, no 'love-at the first sight' kind of thing, nothing to shout-out about, you know "hey, I've been to Fuller and it's awesome" kind of shout. If you were to stay there, you would do it quietly. Sorry, you ain't getting any full-mark from me!