Monday, June 24, 2013

Note of travel

My 'travel' nowadays has been frequent with less free time in between. Sometimes when travelling, I do welcome those 'waiting time in between' as I could always spend some 'me time' doing what I enjoy doing-'people watch'! It's interesting how interesting each individuals are..and yet how similar they could turn to be..
These are memoirs of my ride on Komuter heading for Bangi on 28th March 2013..

Two boys maybe in their early teens sharing and taking turns on a playstation, but it is interesting to note how 'comot' their clothes are. Ahh..boys will be boys
An elder brother remain standing allowing his mother and 2younger siblings remain seated,
KTM officers making their round,
A mother and her daughter were caught by surprise that they actually embark a tren that actually going the different route,
A girl getting all smiles reading her text messages
2 girls chatting while standing in front of the door
Lots of Interesting handbags design even if it is not those branded ones
An elder sister and her younger sister with different school uniform get off in Kajang
Some are seating staring aimlessly beyond the window
Some are taking their nap, a lady seems to be deep in her sleep with a comfortable shawl covering her
Some like me, either texting or writing a memoirs, this is part of my journey onboard of the tren this afternoon heading for Bangi,
The crowd load off most in kajang station

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